Global Health Initiative Supplemental Guidance on Women, Girls, and Gender Equality Principle

(August 2011) The United States Global Health Initiative has released a supplemental guidance on the women, girls, and gender equality principle. Comprised of 10 gender-related activities, GHI provides guidance for implementation by highlighting key program elements to "help improve the health of women and girls and increase gender equality."

The activities include:

  • Ensuring access to health services.
  • Increasing women and girls' participation in implementing health programs.
  • Monitoring and prevention of gender-based violence.
  • Empowering adolescent and pre-adolescent girls by improving their social networks, education opportunities, and economic assets. 
  • Engaging men as partners in gender equality.
  • Promoting laws to improve gender equality.
  • Addressing various determinants of health.
  • Utilizing community-based programmatic approaches to improve health for women and girls.
  • Building individual capacity, specifically with women.
  • Strengthening institutional capacity.

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