Child, Early and Forced Marriage and Intimate Partner Violence

This Gender-Based Violence Task Force event on March 6, 2017 explored the connections between child marriage and intimate partner violence (IPV). Presenters included researchers and development experts from ICRW, Population Council, and Stony Brook University. The event opened with Rachel Kidman of Stony Brook University, who used open source DHS data to analyze the relationship between child marriage and IPV. Her findings showed that globally, the data show a strong correlation between the two, and that national marriage laws do not seem to reduce the child marriage prevalence. Sanyukta Mathur from the PopCouncil shared results from the DREAMS initiative in Kenya, which surveyed young Kenyan women and their experience with IPV. Jeff Edmeades of ICRW, the final presenter, highlighted findings from the TESFA program in Ethiopia, which showed that young brides are more vulnerable to violence. The event ended with a Q&A session with all three panelists, moderated by Charlotte Feldman-Jacobs of PRB.

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