One of the core functions of the Interagency Gender Working Group is to provide training workshops, conferences, and seminars in gender and population, health, and nutrition for USAID and the cooperating agency community. The training function, similar to the dissemination function, is considered an ongoing activity for the IGWG that supports the work of the task forces, and as such, is implemented outside of the task force structure. The IGWG is able to respond to specific requests for trainings and workshops. Each event is custom designed to meet the geographic and technical needs of cooperating agencies, missions, and specific projects.

The IGWG offers training materials in five technical subjects that the IGWG has found to complement the CORE Gender 101 agenda. Integrating a technical theme (Gender Integration, HIV + Sexuality, Safe Motherhood, Gender-Based Violence and Constructive Male Engagement) with the Gender 101 course has proved successful in introducing a broad range of audiences and backgrounds to important gender and health issues.

Training is an investment of time and money. The best returns on that investment come when facilitators are well-prepared and training material is tailored to the specific needs of the audience. Therefore, the IGWG offers its online tools and instructions in the form of a menu of materials that users may use to combine methodologies and technical elements to best meet participants’ needs.

Facilitators should first review the User’s Guide for guidance on putting together a gender training workshop, especially for recommended workshop agendas for each of the technical areas. Use the links at left on this site to access the menu of individual training activities, which may be combined in an a-la-carte fashion for specific needs. Each activity includes links to materials and handouts needed, and each document is provided two ways, both as a pdf and as a Word document that may be edited for individual needs.

Menu of available training material:

User’s Guide

Setting the Stage

Developing a Shared Vocabulary

Expository Activities

Content-Based Lecturettes

Brainstorming and Guided Discussions

Programmatic Guidance

Gender Analysis and Integration

Close and Evaluation

Other Training Materials and Archives

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