The Interagency Gender Working Group promotes gender equity in order to improve global health and foster sustainable development.

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The 2023 IGWG Plenary: Breaking Barriers: Addressing Gender Inequities Facing Global Health Workers

The 2023 Plenary highlighted research examining gender inequities faced by health workers and showcased promising practices and lessons learned from innovative programs working to address gender barriers in the health system workplace. The Plenary aimed to better equip IGWG members to examine gender inequity in their own organizations and to promote more equitable and inclusive workplaces—both within and outside the health system.Read More

IGWG Members Take the Mic Series: Infertility Matters: Embracing the Gendered Spectrum of Stigma, Needs, and Experiences in Sub-Saharan Africa

Globally, one in six people has experienced some form of infertility in their lifetime. Of all regions, sub-Saharan Africa bears the greatest burden of period infertility, likely tied to higher rates of pregnancy-related complications and untreated sexually transmitted infections. Despite these consequences, infertility-related experiences and stigma in sub-Saharan Africa are rarely studied or addressed, leading to a limited context-specific evidence base to inform policy and programming. Read More

June Gender Knowledge Exchange Event: Examining Intersectional Approaches in Gender Transformative Programming

Despite increasing calls for gender transformative programs to systematically incorporate intersectionality as a core principle, program implementers and gender advocates still grapple with how best to integrate intersectional considerations in their efforts to advance gender equality for all individuals. This gender knowledge exchange event, held on June 20, 2023, explored strategies and approaches to applying an intersectional lens to gender transformative health programming, research, and advocacy efforts.Read More

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