The Interagency Gender Working Group promotes gender equity in order to improve global health and foster sustainable development.

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Mental Health Wellness in GBV Prevention and Response: Promoting Self-Care and Resiliency for Health Providers

To highlight the ongoing well-being needs of frontline health care providers working to prevent and respond to GBV, the IGWG’s GBV Task Force held a virtual event on July 29, 2021, to explore mental health self-care and resiliency. The event was an opportunity for health care providers and practitioners working to prevent and respond to GBV to exchange knowledge, share their experiences about coping with the stress and negative mental health and well-being outcomes of the pandemic, and identify ways to better support their mental health and overall well-being.Read More

Men and Boys’ Mental Health: Emerging Evidence and Innovative Approaches

This webinar, hosted by the IGWG's Male Engagement Task Force, showcased research and programming for better understanding and addressing of the mental health experiences and needs of men and boys across diverse contexts (in Colombia, Eswatini, Malawi, South Africa, and Tanzania). It also demonstrated how men’s mental health intersects withother health outcomes related to family planning, maternal and child health, and HIV/AIDS.Read More

Spring Dialogues: IGWG Members Lead the Conversation!

On May 26, the Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) convened the “Spring Dialogues: IGWG Members Lead the Conversation!” virtual event, the first time IGWG members from around the world directed the discussion at an IGWG event. The Spring Dialogues focused on priority topics and technical challenges identified by IGWG members in the 2021 IGWG Member Survey, with volunteers from India and Nigeria facilitating discussion groups. Read More

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