The Interagency Gender Working Group promotes gender equity in order to improve global health and foster sustainable development.

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The 2021 IGWG Plenary: Exploring Gender Transformative Approaches: Lessons Learned and New Opportunities in Health Programming

The 2021 IGWG Plenary explored the current state of GTP in global health and, specifically, family planning and reproductive health. This event aimed to advance debate and consensus on definitions of and criteria for GTP, as well as highlight the potential gaps or limitations; share insights into factors for success in applying these approaches; and identify ways that gender transformative program elements can better be applied to policies and institutional practices and strengthen government health systems.Read More

2021 State of the Art in Engaging Men and Boys in Health and Development: A Technical Marketplace

In September 2021, the Interagency Gender Working Group’s Male Engagement Task Force (METF) hosted the webinar, "2021 State of the Art in Engaging Men and Boys in Health and Development: A Technical Marketplace." This webinar showcased 11 examples of cutting-edge programming and research for engaging a broader diversity of men and boys as clients, partners, and agents of change across global health initiatives and programs. Presentations focused on diverse health areas, including sexual and reproductive health; maternal, newborn, and child health; HIV/AIDS; and gender-based violence. Read More

Mental Health Wellness in GBV Prevention and Response: Promoting Self-Care and Resiliency for Health Providers

To highlight the ongoing well-being needs of frontline health care providers working to prevent and respond to GBV, the IGWG’s GBV Task Force held a virtual event on July 29, 2021, to explore mental health self-care and resiliency. The event was an opportunity for health care providers and practitioners working to prevent and respond to GBV to exchange knowledge, share their experiences about coping with the stress and negative mental health and well-being outcomes of the pandemic, and identify ways to better support their mental health and overall well-being.Read More

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