The IGWG organizes regular in-person and virtual events where members from around the world can learn from and connect with each other. These events may be thematic, such as a focus on recent research in the GBV field, or dedicated to capacity strengthening, such as integrating participatory and inclusive evaluation and learning methods in gender transformative global health programming. Our annual IGWG Plenary creates space for members to meet in person and provide feedback on the network as a whole each year.

Presentations and recordings of IGWG events are available online so you can find past events you missed or want to revisit. The presentation materials are also available.

Webinar: Using Storytelling and Participatory Media to Support Gender Equality and Reproductive Health Outcomes

For the past 15 years, StoryCenter’s Silence Speaks initiative has developed and refined unique methods for surfacing powerful, first-person stories and positions them as tools for education and training, community mobilization, and policy advocacy for improved reproductive health and gender equality. This webinar will explore the use of project case-studies to illustrate how storytelling can be used in the family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) context to...